Thursday, November 10, 2005

Interesting times indeed.....

So, 90 day incarceration or internment without trial has been defeated. Should think so too - although it is genuinely tragic to see the Labour party, to which I was once proud to belong, voting for policies which would have disgraced the Tories under Thatcher. Blair really must go - and go soon.

On more positive lines, the Government have agreed to extend the provisions on protectiom against discrimination with regard to goods and services to gay men and lesbians. Well done, Tone. See. you can get it right some of the time....

Homotopia had brought forth some very good events. Two excellent fils - Bear Cub, contemporary Spanish cinema which was greatly effective, and a documentary on gay Nazis. Yes, you did read that right. I wonder what causes people to join that which is endemically hostile to them? Mind you, perhaps I should ask myself that question, given my contining membership of the Church. It is looking more and more as if there will be a split - I am counting the days. There is no reason why conservative evangelicals and liberals should inhabit the same denominational space, given how little we genuinely share. I spoke at a Deanery Synod earlier this week and it was interesting to hear people's reactions - I think the laity are far more wise than many would realise ( and their undemocratically fixed reps on General Synod, who virtually no-one has the right to vote for, would suggest)

Last weekend we also went to see The Laramie Project. A very powerful production dramatising the aftermath of the murder of Matthew Shepard in Wyoming. And featuring the stunningly handsome Warren Brown of Hollyoaks fame as well!

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