Monday, October 17, 2005

Life continues to be busy and eventful...

First, we think we have found another church to attend, St.Columba's in Anfield. A bit further from home, but the atmosphere and worship are both good and I like the feel of the church. I'm a bit reluctant to plunge in at the deep end after recent experiences, but its good to go somewhere where people don't sidle up to you to enquire which 'side' you are on, or constantly whinge about the Vicar.

I have been asked to attend a meeting to start preliminary discussions about publishing my PhD. I already have a contract offered, but its not ideal ( though I will opt for it if theres nothing else in the pipeline) and this option would be better.

I went for an interview for a training contract at the end of last week - again, no counting chickens but it did seem to go well and it would be very much what I am looking for to add to the lecturing commitments. I like the flexibility of the part time contracts, and the interest and variety of the work.

Politics. I wonder if the Tories are about to enter the real world and select David Cameron? I think he has behaved with dignity and consistency over the drugs issue- I couldn't care less what his personal habits are, only interested in his policies. And , it has to be said, he's still a Tory, and I can't really see me ever voting for the Tories.

But, I wouldn't fear a Cameron government, and his clarity that he intends to govern according to the place we are now, not the place we were 50 years ago is encouraging, along with his good voting record on gay rights issues.

This is the Tories we are talking about, though, and I wouldn;t put it past them to elect Fox!

Looking forward to HOMOTOPIA - the LGB arts festivel in Liverpool. I haven't had a lot of input into it this year but intend to be an enthusiastic punter.
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