Monday, October 10, 2005

Everton FC....

I have not mentioned the pight of my beloved team this year - simply too depressing. But, it has to be done....

If I knew the answer, then i'd be the manager, not David Moyes. But it seems that there are three main problems
  • lack of striker - or at least, effective striker who can play 4.5.1. James Beattie doesn't play in that style, and has suffered a series of niggling injuries. Marcus Bent is fast but lacks accuracy. Duncan ferguson can be brilliant, but he can just as equally be dreadful. James McFadden doesn't appear to be particularly effective as a striker for Everton, although he scores regularly for Scotland. We are not scoring goals, and that is simply why we are losing.
  • small squad - with the recovery of Kroldrup and van der Meyde this may improve but we are still scratching around for player - related to this, a couple of the players look out of form (Kilbane) or simply exhausted (Cahill).
  • we haven't ever really got over the loss of Tommy Gravesen
Its not that they have been diabolically bad, just uninspiring and overly cautious, and thats not the way to win games.

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