Sunday, October 09, 2005

At last....

More blogging - and its always like this at the beginning of the new term. Teaching is settling down quite nicely, with a fair bit of extra hours at the main place I work, a further two hours elsewhere, and the possibility of further training and research work. All takes time to come together, but things appear to be falling into place for the time being.

So...some views.

The Tory leadership. If they choose Davis, I think they really must have a death wish. Duncan Smith mk 2, and the newly found inclusivity claims do not convince. Cameron appears to be a chance worth taking, and Blair himself had little real experience other than being an opposition spokesperson when he became Labour leader.
I don't think that any leader would really convince me to vote Tory, but Cameron would at least mean I would sleep soundly if we did end up with the Tories back in power. And other than Fox, who would be a surefire disaster, even more than Davis, electorally speaking, the homophobia of previous years appears to be absent.

We have started going to another church. Still not absolutely sure its the place for us, but at least it feels as if it could be....

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