Saturday, April 30, 2005

This week...

Not terribly eventful - and piles of marking to get through over the next week.

The election campaign has continued. I can't get very animated about the issue of supposed 'lying'. First, I think that Blair sincerely believed he did the right thing on the war, I don't agree, but I don't think he lied. When it came down to 'yes or no', the Attorney-General did say yes, and that would have been good enough for any government.

The reality of the thought of the slithery toad Howard in no. 10 means I may have to join Polly Toynbee's peg-on-nose club. You go to the polling station and hold your nose whilst voting Labour again, thinking of Gordon Brown as PM.

Something I have had to think about is that if it wasn'tfor the war, I would be voting Labour, I'd probably still be a member of the Labour party.

Stiull haven'tmade up my mind completely, but the Tory campaign has been abhorrent. Keeping them out has to come first ( remembering that they too would have gone to war)

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