Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Election day no.1

So...what I am going to do?

When I talk to Tories, I feel that I must vote Labour, as their views appal me - its right back to having a bash at foreigners and poor people

But how can I vote for a Labour MP who
* supported the war in Iraq?
* is a passionate opponent of euthanasia - indeed, its just about the only thing she is passionate about? I equally strongly support it.
* seems to regard her role as being some sort of local mayor?
* employs a lifelong Tory voter as her speechwriter?

Politically, I'm now closer to the Liberal Democrats. But if I vote for them, will it let in a Tory to this seat? And if so, would that mean a majority Tory government - which I do not wish to see.

Its a dilemma.

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looby said...

If you're in a marginal seat and would like to vote Lib Dem, but feel this would split the anti-Tory vote, you could swop your vote with someone. So you vote Labour if they vote Lib Dem in a constituency where the LD have a chance of winning.

I did this last time and the number of swapped votes was greater than the majorities by which the successful Lib Dem MP got in in Dorset and the Labour man got in in Lancaster where I live. So due to vote swapping there are now 2 fewer Tory MPs than there would have been.

Obviously if the Lab majority is several thousands there's not a lot you can do.