Thursday, February 10, 2005

Time for some more...

Really must get into the habit of writing more regularly here.

So. To start, politics. We now have the spectacle of Tony's Cronies and Dracula's Dweebs trying to out-BNP the other on immigration and asylum ( oh, and its nothing to do with colour or race...) Right. Who the hell are they trying to convince? Of course it is. Even more good reason not to vote for either of them - it would be nice to hear politicians challenging bigoted populism rather than taking the lead on it.
Its a bit like the sheer hypocrisy of the residents of Formby camapaigning against mobile p[hone masts. Do they want to dispose of their mobile phones? I think not. And guess who is up on the platform, milking votes for all its worth - yes, its cable-TV shopping channel host and Tory candidate for Crosby, Debi Jones.

Teaching has statrted again and it seems to be going well so far. Have been offered a few extra hours in March or April, so that should keep me going till the viva. Still not quite sure what to do long term.

Went to a very interesting day conference on Saturday, looking at 'new ways of doing church'. It was very worthwhile, and I hope will lead us to move in new directions. To be frank, if we don't then I don't think there will be a lot of future for the Church. At present, elements of it appeal to those attracted by simple black-and-white answers - Adorno's 'authoritarian personalities' - but so many others are either repelled or simply disinterested. There is no real attempt made to connect.

ESC entries are starting to be selected. Not a great bunch so far, but Slovenia have picked a very strong ballad, and I like the Andorran entry. Estonia is crass pop, Cyprus a rip off of last years Greek entry, Poland is a sort of gypsy-wedding song - weird - and Belarus quite dreadful.

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sthelensgirl said...

Dracula's Dweebs?? (grin)

Tony babes. Don't ya just love him?