Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Our Royal 'Highnesses'

Now, to get something clear - I'm a republican. I have no time for monarchy and everything it stands for makes me wish to vomit copiously. The circus of the Windsor Corporation is something which should have been consigned to memory many years ago.

However, I think Charles should be able to marry who the hell he likes. If there hadn't been the need for a virginal bride to start with, then he could have married Camilla in the first place. As for the Church, well, we don't expect anything more than hypocrisy from them, do we - and the way things are going, it will be even less important by the time the succession takes place.

What is so amusing is the way that the Diana fan club and some conservatives are calling for abdication. The entire point of Monarchy is that people are not chosen for the job, but born to it - you can't skip a generation just because you feel like it. It would be interesting to remove all maritally unfaithful monarchs from history. Would any exist at all?

Oh, and the Zionist lobby are getting their knickers in a twist again over some rather intemperate but certainly no more, remarks from Ken Livingstone. When I start to hear apologies for the Israeli behaviour in Palestinefrom the lobby that supports that country no matter what it does, maybe I'll take their whingeing a little more seriously. Its always depressing to see the oppressed become the oppressor and then be totally unable to apply any sort of self-criticism.

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scarletharlot69 said...

Hi Mike

Agree with your post. I hear that Charles asked Diana if she really expected him to be the first prince of wales for 2 centuries not to have a mistress. And being from an aristocratic family.... hey did her brother not have a mistress?

As for people being made second class citizens in their own country as per Palestine.....