Thursday, January 27, 2005

And the latest....

Teaching began again today. The group are almost the same as last term and I thought today's session went well.

I still feel that I am 'winding down' after the excitement (and relief) of handing in the thesis.

David came back from our church PCC on Monday. Sometimes its enough to make you spit. Would you believe that there are some people complaining about the Fair Traded coffee because 'they don't like the taste'.Now, this isn't finest Jamaican Blue Mountain, but instant granules. You know, the sort of crap you add water to Coffee! Well, thats one word for it. Frankly, it all tastes much the same, and to whinge about what it tastes like without any thought to the principles behind a Church baing a 'fair trade' church shows just how much education is still needed. I sometimes think, what exactly is the point of the Church? Correction. I daily ask myself 'what is the point of the Church'? When I conclude my answer, I'll let you know. Cynicism rules, OK?

Went to a new South Indian reataurant in Liverpool this evening. We loved it.Its called the Maharaja, in London Road, near the Odeon and the Empire Theatre, central Liverpool. Well worth trying.

What a surprise to see the Tories playing the race card again - and equally , what a surprise that the four Guantanemo Bay prisoners have been freed. Given that they didn't do anything other than be Muslim and in pakistan at the wrong time, no surprise there. Now, how about this so-called Labour government abandoning its shameful alliance with Bush?

Our equally so-called Labour MP. the highest expenses claimer in the whole House of Commons, is still milking as much political mileage as she can get for her public support of Sierra Leone : of course, it is nothing to do with her wanting to gain votes. Nothing at all. Oh, and for those of you who don't know, her (very high) office expense claim is for the office situated in her home in the constituency, and her personal secretary is her husband, a deselected ex-councillor who was turfed out by his ward last year.

Andorra have selected their Eurovision entry, and its really rather good!


looby said...

Oh! And it was going so well until the last paragraph :)

Merseymike said...

Oh, I really like it - a bit of a grower, I think it could do well.

Karin said...

There are so many brands and blends of Fair Trade coffee to choose from! How about asking them to test them all and suggest one they like as much as their usual instant coffee? ;0)

There is Fair Trade ground coffee but I doubt whoever makes it at church will want to bother with it.

sthelensgirl said...

PCCs everywhere are great fun. I haven't seen spitting at one yet, tho. Could be worth a try!