Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Junior Eurovision....

In all the crisis of the computer problems, I forgot to mention the Junior ESC held in Lillehammer,Norway, on Saturday.

Not quite the excitement and fascination of the 'real thing', but certainly keeps us ESCfans going till next May.
What the two contests had in common this year was a dreadful winner. The Spanish entry won - a 'proper little madam' dressed like an elf who semi-rapped and semi-sung a slightly Middle Eastern sounding song. If thats what you can call it. Well performed, yes, but not one of the best. I preferred the UK - far better than our recent entries in the main contest - France, a very 'French' song, and Romania - probably the best song of the night, but the singer went out of key in the middle of the song. Shame.

I hear that Ukraine is in conflict tonight, and wonder if Government instabililty there as the pro-Soviet element tries to fix the election may affect next year's contest?


Karin said...

Hmmm Mike. Unrest in Ukraine could effect next year's Eurovision - however will I sleep at night? :P
I hope the situaiton in Ukraine proves to be a victory for non-violent protest. :0)

Karin said...

P.S. It is not 1.00 am, it is in fact 9.00 am

Merseymike said...

But Eurovision is life itself, Karin!

I too hope there will be some sort of agreement - and if necessary, a re-run of what appears to be a very dodgy election.