Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Fox hunting...

Couldn't really let this pass without a comment.

I don't hunt. Actually, I'm happy to consider myself a through-and-through urbanite, I regard the country as something one goes through on the way to visit a city.

Hunting is of no interest to me, and I don't feel strongly about it as an issue in itself. Indeed, I regard it as unimportant. However, thereare some issues raised which I think are of concern.

First, that to justify something because it is 'traditional' is a non-starter. Plenty of things were traditional, and now no longer exist.
Second, the foxes are going to have to be killed one way or the other, and there has been some failure of honesty amongst the antis to recognise this.
Third, should we turnm the killing of an animal into a sport? This is the real question which I think has been avoided by the defenders of hunting.
Fourth, should the House of Commons be able to decide on this issue - the unequivocal answer has to be yes. There have been 10 votes. Each has produced a sizeable majority against hunting. I think it is perfectly reasonable to expectr that decision to become law.
And if the Countryside Alliance seriously think they can present themselves as a beleagured minority - don't make me laugh. Just about everything in the countryside is subsidised to the hilt. To compare their 'plight' with discrimination against gay or black people shows how pathetic their arguments have been . They couldn't have run a more inept campaign if they had tried.

Let's be honest. I can't say I am particularly drawn to the representatives of the CA, in their hunting pink, with their plummy voices and their seeming belief that the world is theirs to run. Where were they when the mines were being shut and the docks sacked hundreds of workers? Voting Tory - thats what. And now they expect us to sympathise because a handful of people who work within the hunting industry may lose their jobs - which they wouldnt if they all switch to drag hunting and forego the pleasure of the smear of blood on their cheek after the kill.

No, the truth is, I don't like the braying fascistii of rural Britain ; and the ban is worth it to see them get a taste of their own medicine.

(Yes, I know this isn't a very Christian attitude.)

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