Sunday, March 21, 2010

Homophobe of the week - Susanne Wilkinson!

See for more details.

Emails need to point out that their website suggests they will welcome ALL guests - but not if they are gay, so it seems.....


Merseymike said...

Incidentally, I was brought up just down the road from this house of bigots, in Marlow. What a surprise that they cite religionism as their inspiration - try running something without any connection to public service in future

NickBush24 said...

And yet if someone opens up a B&B and refuses to serve Christians, religious groups will be up in arms.

I read the thread for this on Fark and a sickening number of people actually SUPPORT this bitch. Most of them say that it's her business so she can do what she wants. Makes me sick to see this kind of crap happen in 2010.

mobiX said...


"We don't live in your nanny big brother state yet so this woman can refuse anyone from staying in her privately owned property.
It is not a HOTEL.It's a privately run B&B.
I notice you revert to personal expletives as well so that shows your biased and one sided view.
The B&B owner can refuse anyone they want.
Just because these two gay men interpreted here reason to be their homosexuality is the two gay men's problem NOT the owner of the B&B.

mobiX said...

I'm sure you won't put my comment up as your only after comments that are pro gay.Correct moderator?????

Merseymike said...

Well, Mobix, I do restrict the number of homophobes allowed to post, but its quite fun in doing so when said homophobe is stupid and doesn't understand the law.

You see, the exemption which some wanted to give to B&B's was actually not given - and any commercial business including a B&B or guest house is covered by the law, so you are simply wrong.
She cannot refuse anyone she wants if the reason is discrimination against groups covered by law. And if you had read the story, it was Wilkinson herself who said this was the reason for her refusing them the room.

So, appears that it his her 'problem', but then , given her religionism and homophobia, that's not her only problem , is it?

jimjimjim said...

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