Sunday, March 21, 2010

EVENTS, DEAR BOY, and all that

Once again I have not been spending time on my blog. Naughty, naughty. I blame Facebook.

OK, some points to note:
1. Vatican plc - carries on in its usual crazily bigoted way, winning a small, partial and temporary 'victory' in the charity commission being asked to reconsider the decision not to give charitable status to an adoption agency which wished to continue to discriminate. The new equality bill will scupper that in any case as the duty of equality will stop LA's working with instituionally discriminatory agencies who think the law is above them. Still, look at Ratfinger the Nazi's latest attempts to save his loathsome organisation in Europe. Not convincing, is it?

2. The BA strike - pity that Brown has bumbled into the argument. I'd be more convinced if Willy Wally blamed himself and his management style for this years failures and resigned. typocal to try and take it out on others.

3. The election - will be on May 5th so it seems. I wish I could raise some enthusiasm. If Joe Benton remains Labour candidate I won't be able to vote for him because of his homophobic voting record, so I will no doubt end up voting for some fringe left-winger!

4. The Clevelend Show. Its fab, and the theme tune is SO catchy!

5. And RIP to Michael Foot. A man of learning and principle which can be said about far too few politicians

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