Sunday, January 31, 2010

Mo Mowlam and others.....

Just watched the biopic about Mo Mowlam. Great performance from Julie Walters of a tremendous politician - and look who we have now. Grim Gordon, as inspiring as a bowl of cold porridge and the two Blair-a-likes, as smarmy and vacuous as they come. Real people are unlikely to even bother trying for parliament these days, more's the pity - there are hardly any people who aren't spun, polished, formulaic. Mo always came over as a real person, someone who actually believed in something and could talk to ordinary people because she actually liked them

No surprise that the two people who came off worse in the film were the oleaginous Mandelson, as slippery and unappealing as a snake (can't one of you fag-hags turn the bastard straight - we don't want him, OK?) and the risible David Trimble, an utter failure as leader of his party and whose contribution to achieving change was negligible. And if he is anywhere near as petty and pathetic as he came over, then thank goodness his career contained nothing but failure and that he is now an anonymous backbencher in the Lords. He gives the term 'out to grass' new meaning.

As for Blair. Having hit the headlines this week, the term that everyone's political career ends in failure certainly is true for him. He can jet about the world all he wishes, but frankly, he is a great actor and a shallow, second-rate human being . Labour need a term in opposition to get rid of the malaise of his influence and to help move his memory to the past. Though not all was bad, much of what he did disappointed or can be summarised by the term 'missed opportunities' - other aspects of what he did failed, some of it was just plain wrong. The fact he believed in his own case says a lot about him but nothing about his judgment.

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