Friday, January 08, 2010

Hypocrite of the week

It has to be Iris Robinson.

This is the woman who , whilst in charge of health issues in Northern Ireland, made homophobic remarks equating to gays being able to be 'cured' , seeking advice from a 'therapist' working in such areas. Naturally, she cited her evangelical Christian faith as support

Now we hear that she:
1. was committing ADULTERY with a TOY-BOY - 19 years old no less
2. that she borrowed money to lend to the aforementioned toy boy
3. that she didn't declare any of this money to the authorities despite raking in public money from her TWO jobs as MP and MNIA (her husband does the very same)
4. that she tried to secret some of the money she demanded back in a church account

This corrupt, hypocritical leech is now claiming to have 'mental health issues' . That's a good way of describing getting caught and pretending to feel guilty

oh, and Mr Robinson is still First Minister of Northern Ireland. Hasn't he heard of the words 'honourable resignation'?

Or is he equally hypocritical and corrupt?

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Anonymous said...

At least her lover-boy has become a gay icon.