Monday, October 12, 2009

Thought it was too good to last

Yet more nonsense regarding parliamentary expenses. I cannot understand the extreme gullibility and stupidity of the British public and their usual hysterical over-reaction. The typical 'anti-politics' populism, the envy, and the hypocrisy all out there to see.

The rukes were as they were. You can't then turn around three or four years later and say, "oh, they were wrong, and so you have to pay money back". And the main reason the expenses system worked as it did was thatcher's reluctance to raise MP's salaries. Any job which requires people to maintain two homes will inevitably be costly. And its no good for the Stupids (the British electorate) to then whinge on about 'too many professional politicians' or their MP not being around. They can't have it both ways. If you want people in normal relationships, with families, to become MP's, then they need to be enabled to live in two places, and if you want people with external work experience to become MP's, its no good paying salaries which are considerably less than many professional jobs which don't require two homes!

What will happen is that a lot of people will work out that being an MP means spending most of the year in a cramped bedsit never seeing one's family, working ludicrous hours for less than many could get elsewhere. So there will be two sorts of MP's still attracted to politics. Those with independent financial means who already run the Tory party. Or political obsessives who don't want a partner or family and are willing to live, eat and breathe politics.

Well done, great British public. What a result!

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