Friday, October 23, 2009

Nick Griffin

He wasn't very good, was he?

But that isn't really the point. Are there points of view which are so unacceptable that they should not be simply treated as others? Should the BNP be regarded as any other political party?

I'm asking a rhetorical question, because I think not, but if so, then should they be permitted to exist?


MadPriest said...

The BNP has been getting more votes recently. This is worrying both the mainstream political parties and the liberal media.

The BNP's Achilles Heel is Nick Griffin. He is an unattractive man, who sweats a lot, who is not very clever and who does not come over well in interviews.

I am pretty certain that his invitation to the Question Time panel was a deliberate ploy to let the BNP hang themselves. I am also pretty certain that the invitation would have been discussed among all interested parties before it was issued. It wouldn't surprise me if the idea came from outside of the BBC. The fuss in the newspapers was just a smokescreen put up by people more than likely in on the deal from the beginning.

And I think everyone would agree that the cunning plan worked a treat.

Brad Evans said...

How can you stop people from talking without cutting your own lifelines?
Let him talk. Forbidding people from appearing on TV only makes them look like martyrs and you look like a scold afraid to let adults make up their own minds.
People don't need official churches, official political lines and state-run media with virtual monopolies on "respectability". Paternalism is ugly, no matter if it's "conservative" or "Progressive".

Merseymike said...

Tend to agree, but there do have to be some limits with regard to direct stirring up of hatred