Friday, August 28, 2009

RyanAir: a model for public services?

I don't think so.

The problem with treating public service as something one 'chooses' is unrealistic. can choose whether to fly by RyanAir, or, indeed, whether to fly at all

Most recipients of council services have no effective choice or their choice will affect others. Lets say that bin collection is charged for. What happens to those who will not pay. The rubbish piles up outside. The inhabitants of that house say: we don;t care, we love our maggotty and ratty friends, and we don't give a shit about our neighbours. We want to do what we like.
Libertarian loonyism at its best.

Of course, their actions will affect others, which is why we opt for public services and collective provision in the first place. Applying this sort of consumerist model will not do anything other than harm those most in need.

It is interesting how the different strands of Toryism are already starting to show their very different characteristics. This approach is essentially libertarian and concerned with reducing public spending. The effect will be to harm those who are either unknown , unseen, or who do not make enough noise or who cannot afford the extra charges. The communitarian approach of Iain Duncan Smith and his think-tank would suggest as far more collective and interventionist approach based far more on catholic social teaching

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