Sunday, August 30, 2009

Return of famine to Ethiopia

The headline report in todays Independent online relates the problem of Ethiopia and the return of famine.

It is clear that a range of issues have conspired to lead to this - climate change and the lack of rain is clearly an important factor.

But there is one sentence hidden away in the centre of the report which no-one will face up to, particularly the religionists who have far too much influence over aid policy

Referring to 1984-85, when one million inhabitants died:
"Ethiopia's population has doubled to 80 million".

Read that again. Because there has to be a recognition that there can never be prosperity or even the ability to feed the population whilst it continues to grow at this rate. It is vital that African populations are stabilised and this means that all foreign aid must be dependent on the implementation of a population control policy

If there is no willingness to implement this, then any money given is wasted and the people in Ethiopia must be left to their inevitable fate. Putting off the inevitable by shipping in food aid without doing something about the ludicrous increase in population is pointless

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ChloƩ said...

There is entirely too much aid being sent into African countries without a good plan to spend it. And, without a good plan to educate and assist people to take care of themselves. African rulers have their hands out...they get money...they keep what they want...the food and aid is not adequately distributed...western nations send more and more...and nothing done about population control.

There will be generation after generation after generation of citizens of African nations who have no idea how to build infrastructure, farm, or practice birth control. I think it's time we realize that throwing money at the problem doesn't solve it. A good plan is also necessary.