Friday, June 05, 2009

Why is David Southall not in prison?

Because this 'doctor', noted for making outlandish false allegations of abuse which he gained from watching people being interviewed on TV programmes - I think it is time that these self-appointed 'experts' played no part in any decision. It is no more than their opinion, and it appears that a contradictory one can always be found.

Southall is a menace. He is someone so sure of his own 'expertise' and rightness, yet time after time he has been wrong. He should be put on trial for any consequences that flowed from his so-called 'expertise'. In my view, it is a relief that he has been struck off - but this should have happened many years ago. in my opinion, people like Southall should be weeded out of the medical profession. They are dangerous messiahs, yet their power is enough to influence the BBC to make an entirely partial and biased documentary about him. Roy Meadow, who accused Sally Clark without evidence which saw her imprisoned and led to her early death, is another medical menace who got away with it. Its just not good enough.

Let's hear the other side - for Southall has had quite enough chance over the years to spread his opinions, and we all know the consequences.

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