Thursday, June 11, 2009

Political developments

The first of which is the election of the BNP in this and the Yorkshire region in the European elections.
I wasn't entirely surprised. the electoral system is a curious one which doesn't allow for very easy tactical voting. For example, if the Greens had gained 5000 extra votes from Labour or the Libdems, the BNP would not have been elected, and the number of Lab or Libdem MEP's would not have been affected.
Having said that, it is the case that the Labour heartlands did not, in the main, bother to vote for anyone. It is all too easy to blame scapegoats when times are hard, and when it seems that no-one is very bothered about some very basic issues like - more than anything else - provision of social housing. I am quite convinced that is the most effective recruiter for the BNP. The Labour party does need to get back to its basics.
It is certainly a sad day when this region has a fascist amongst its representatives. No mincing of words, the BNP is a fascist party, based on the policies and principles of Nazism. And they do need to be opposed, resolutely, although I am not convinced that throwing eggs at Griffin is the best way of doing it - lets not turn them into martyrs, please.

As for the survival of Brown, I remain to be convinced that it is a sensible decision. There does appear to be a problem in terms of people's wish to be led and to have someone charismatic to do it. And that isn't Brown.

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