Monday, April 20, 2009

A trip to the States

The Deep South no less, that land of many syllables and very loony right-wing views. Perhaps less so in the cities, but out in the boondocks - well....

Its interesting to see just how livid the right wing are. Rage, rage and more rage. And they just don't get that they lost the election, and think the reason they did so was that they weren't conservative enough. Bizarre. Fox News appears to be even more right wing than ever, MSNBC more liberal - watch the two stations report on the same event, it could be about two entirely different things.

We visited Atlanta, Charleston and Savannah, doing all the 'Midnight in the garden....' stuff in the latter. Savannah is certainly a stunningly beautiful place, very relaxed and Southern. Southern hospitality is certainly apparent everywhere we went, almost exaggeratedly so - at times I longed for some sharp New York backchat. We went out to North Georgia on one of the days and entered a shop to try and find out where the local potters shop was. We were met by three people who looked like extras from the Beverly Hillbillies. They stared at us as if we had landed from another planet - we could imagine them saying, after we left 'well, they weren't from these parts.....'. 80% in those areas voted Republican.

Saw some great music in Atlanta - saxophonist Boney James. I do like the US narrow-cast radio policy where the stations focus on one style of music - there are some excellent R&B/soul stations in the area.

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