Friday, April 03, 2009

New director of Vatican plc's UK branch

Don't know what it is about Crosby which produces Archbishops. Robert Runcie for the Anglos and now the Vaticanists have their revenge.

A predictable choice of someone who is not only a redshite, but the expected homophobe and cultural conservative, which goes with the territory. thankfully, this means that he will be further marginalised and seen as a sectarian figure in a country which continues to lose interest in religionism. The Vaticanist variety is particularly struggling, and as the Poles go home, there are no obvious replacements.

I wonder if he will do Ratfinger's bidding with regard to the frankly, hypocritical stance of the English church with regard to gay Catholic priests. The former Hitler Youth member would like to sort this out (meaning 'clear out the gays' from the seminaries - and on one level, I sympathise, as there presence signifies lack of openness and self-acceptance which I think is regrettable). Will Nichols have the bottle to do this?

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