Thursday, August 07, 2008

Some random thoughts

A few interesting titbits to chew on.....

I really ought not to start with the Church. But I have to! Rowan Williams has proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that his position is simply not credible. Those of you who have been involved ot exposed to far left politics will be aware of the idea of democratic centralism. This is the expectation that one's own publicly stated position will change in line with the expressed view of the party. RW has demonstrated that his way of working is essentially the same. So, he holds his own view, but lies about it in public, and goes as far as to defend a view which he does not hold.

I don't honestly care if he can cite ecclesiological reasons for doing this. Its a form of 'heavenly deception': in colloquial terms, he lies, and misrepresents his true view. In doing so he entirely removes himself from any consideration of integrity. If you believe something, then you should say so and defend it. The alternative is that you are seen to be a duplicitous liar. the result of that is that you treat your supposed friends appallingly even though you supposedly hold views sympathetic to them. There simply in so excuse, no reasoning which can justify RW's stance. I can think of few people I despise more. He still has time to admit that he has lied and that he has been dishonest. But I don't think he is able to understand the depth of his hypocrisy and the lack of integrity he has.

Politics. Dearie me.....the comrades in my erstwhile party continue to tear each other to bits. The problem is that without a clear ideological reason for existence, one has to ask what the Labour party is for? More and more, we have a public choice of A and B, both following essentially the same path. This has its advantages. The Tories won't be repealing the gay rights legislation and have made it clear that they accept the progressive outcome of legislative changes. This comes as no surprise, since the changes have proved to be largely uncontroversial, albeit some institutions on both sides of the debate have made a pigs ear out of implementation (think Church of England, Islington Council). But it does mean that political choices will be based largely on who the electorate are less bored with.

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Chris said...

Have you read this Mike?

Merseymike said...

Certainly have - and I haver also read RW's own reaction, which makes it clear (again) that he actually hasn't altered his personal view.

The letter is the typical mish-mash of homophobia, underhand comments, and unrealistic and inept support. Given that at least two of the signatories are patrons of Changing Attitude and don't agree with all of the content of the letter, it casts yet more aspersions upon this situation.
I'm no longer on the inside, but there are basically two options. The church accepts equality or continues to bankroll homophobia. There is no middle ground. 'Pastoral responses ' will be treated with the contempt they deserve: the only acceptable response is affirmation. This will mean a major official shift in how the Bible, a collection of ancient human writings inspired by the faith of those who wrote them, is regarded.