Sunday, August 10, 2008

Boycott the Olympics

It has become crystal clear that the Chinese government's position on a range of human rights issues has not improved as a result of the Olympics. If anything, it has become worse.

The Olympics, that corrupt drug-fest of chemical endeavour and ridiculous nationalism, just about deserves the Chinese! I shall not be watching any of it, and I hope others will be joining me. The Chinese should have never been given such a free publicity opportunity in the first place, and given the widespread use of drugs, does the entire event have any credibility any more?


David Duff said...

Never happier than when I can rub some salt in an open, bleeding wound, I thought I would remind you that you, personally, will be paying a contribution to the next mega-zillion farrago in London.

Er, have a nice day!

Merseymike said...

The only comfort is that people in London will be paying even more - and those who do the Lottery, which I don't.

Even more amusing for a lefty is the thought of the Tories (national and local) having to foot the bill and explain why they are going to have to levy extra taxation to do it....

But it is a waste of money, and more fool those who wanted London to be the winner.