Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I wonder why those who claim to have altered their sexual orientation feel that they need to spend so much time online trying to convince themselves? If its not posts about how great it is to be heterosexual, its pictures of marital beds, wives, or offspring.

The insecurity is all too apparent, and mildly amusing that they seem to think that anyone is fooled.

Poor dears. Wonder if it stops them thinking about those broad backs, footballer's thighs and fat sausages when they do the biz with Wifey?


Merseymike said...

How amusing. Just received a text from someone who thinks he recognises himself in the description.

No answer to that! I feel really sorry for them - such a shame to have to take living a lie to such depths, all for the delusion of religion.

Ted Harvey said...

For me, the really, really, weird thing is how clergymen and 'devout' evangeligical religionists are just so obsessed with gays. I used to think this was only Christians that were so peculiar in this way but, dsadly, it has become more apparent that many Islam zealots are likewise obsessed.

Of course in Scotland, we have an especially extreme and prurient bunch in the form of the Scottish Catholic hierarchy. Bishop Devine for example has spouted views that I'm convinced would be a matter for prosecution were he not a berobed cleric.

Maybe these frocked, celibate guys are deeply frightened about what gayness may mean for themselves - way deep down in their hidden selves?

Merseymike said...

Oh, I think that's beyond doubt, Ted. You also have a small (in the UK, absolutely minute) group of people who have decided, on the grounds of religionism, to pretend that they have changed sexual orientation and who have become ambassadors for that cause.

Of course, they are entitled to do so, but I know from contact with others that they can cause damage - thankfully, the vast majority of people leave these groups and come to accept themselves

WWhilst I no longer profess faith, I am glad that there are groups such as Courage who have recognised that they got it wrong and that the 'ex-gay' path is but a delusion.