Monday, July 14, 2008

Barmy libertarians at it again.....

Libertarians are nuts. Bonkers. They exist in some sort of parallel universe which believes that everyone can somehow do exactly as they wish to do without it affecting anyone else. Amusingly, some of the more loopy specimens loathe the police whilst supporting self-styled militias and wider gun ownership, whilst also affecting a hardline stance on law and order, usually tied up with a bit of good old fashioned racism.

The latest wheeze are whingeing on about speed cameras. Now, I wouldn't imagine that anyone likes them all that much. But the real complaint of the libby loons is that - wait for it - they are ' a tax on the motorist'.

Now, this may have escaped the attention of our free marketeer friends, but there is a simple answer to this, and its something they love ranting on about. personal responsibility. you see, people only have to pay fines when they speed. And, believe it or not, the aim of speed cameras is to act as a deterrent to people speeding. So, no speeding, no fines.
One can only assume that their love for 'Laura Norder' only extends to things which don't affect them. When, quite sensibly, cameras are introduced to deal with the unacceptably high deaths on the roads, the only reason they make a penny for the local authority is because stupid drivers are unable to take responsibility for their own speeding.

Therefore, they are not a tax on 'the motorist' but on the criminally irresponsible, who don't appear to realise that a car is a lethal weapon when driven too fast

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