Saturday, May 03, 2008

Local elections

I'm not currently a member of any political party, though I suppose associate myself still with Labour. But Thursday's results were not only predictable, but deserved. Not only has the government run out of steam, but they are doing some things which are just plain wrong.

It seems to me that the Tories will have to start actually talking in greater detail as to what they actually intend to do, though. The detail is threadbare at best at present.

As for Labour: well, these will naturally be ignored, but as they claim to be listening....
  • Get rid of Brown, preferably via his humble resignation. Could anyone have disappointed more? I think he needs to face up to the fact that he is damaged goods. There is something....odd about him. On the Nicky Campbell show the other day, he was asked what he thinks about first thing in the morning. he launched into a complicated response about house prices. That's weird. Its not what people think about first thing in the morning.
  • Reverse the 10p tax rate decision. Forget about the so-called measures to compensate. It needs to go.
  • Accept the fact that 1997 was a fluke and 2001 was won because the Tories were a shower and utterly inept. This means that some seats won in those years were flukes and should not be aimed for again.
  • Linked to this, what is needed is to motivate the basic Labour vote. Those voters who lent their votes to Labour only did so because the Tories were so awful. Now they are credible they have gone home. They will remain there at least for the next election. Forget about them. Instead, think about measures to re-invigorate two core voting blocs - the core labour vote feeling the pinch, and the middle class intellectual vote.
  • For the former - do something about housing. That, above all, is the cause of distress in many areas, and causes most of the angst with regard to immigration. That means COUNCIL housing, and these should be public sector not open for the RTB. Secondly, reorganise the tax system - tax credits are a disaster. Instead, simplify by removing the low paid from tax altogether. And lets have a higher tax rate , please, for the best off.
  • For the latter, get out of Iraq, and start distancing from the US expansionist nightmare. neo-con nonsense needs to go, forever. It has no place in a left-of-centre party. Secondly, abandon some of the authoritarian measures which are unnecessary. Third, stop trying to compete with the Tories to win White Van Man. This group is far more loyal to Labour, and they all vote religiously - and its those very policies that alienate this group, but fail to win over any converts.
  • Finally, any party which has become so right wing that people like 'Business' Secretary John Hutton can be a member has problems. I have heard countless interviews and not once has he said anything which wouldn't be more appropriately said by a Tory.

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Anonymous said...

Sadly John Hutton isn't the only one.I'm struck by how many Labour ministers could quite easily find a home within the Tory Party. Caroline Flint and James Purnell spring to mind straight away.