Wednesday, May 07, 2008


The Government have, unsurprisingly, jumped on the ludicrous 'classification' bandwagon in order to reclassify cannabis.

They appear quite unable to see that this entire approach has dome absolutely nothing to reduce the use of drugs. Will anyone currently using cannabis stop doing so because of reclassification - of course not.

I don't use cannabis or any other illegal drugs. However, what always appears to be absent from any government discourse on the topic is that people use them because they like them and because they regard them as fun.

We already have a dour, boring PM who comes over like some sort of semi-retired church minister. Now we have yet another piece of repressive legislation.

Expecting imagination from any government on this topic is far too optimistic - but until they realise that people who use drugs do not care about the scare stories and the 'danger' message will not work, we won't make any progress and the same old tired arguments will continue.

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