Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Labour party

I was thinking the other day how it is all too easy to see things very differently from one place than another. The Labour party is one such thing. I think about rejoining, and then some bloody Government minister will come up with some utter tomfool nonsense about pledging allegiances to the Queen or such like ( this is NOT America and Brits find the reciting of poems to the flag hand on heart, as funny. Gordon, you don't seem to get it!)

It appears to me that an awful lot of decent mainstream Labour people have left the party. Iraq was a step too far for many of us, and as we are still there and direction doesn't appear to have changed, there isn't much to tempt us back to the fold.

What seems to remain are those who still seem to think that the battles of 1997 are being fought. No recognition that the Tories have certainly changed - it may be at surface level but change it is - and are no longer the incompetent unelectable mess of the last three elections. This group of NL evangelists are simply unable to be objective - they cannot or will not see that there are all sorts of areas where people really have had enough and have lost patience with the Government.

Then there is the hard left. naturally they spend most of their time fighting each other. The latest spat is over the choice of a new general Secretary for the Labour party. This is a functional not a policy making job. What is required is someone efficient with organisational ability. The purity of their politics is surely a secondary consideration. Already I have read blogs where such vitriol os expressed about the man simply because he works in the City! If he had been an arms dealer, fair enough - but what's wrong with drawing upon someone's experience?

he is undoubtedly taking a huge pay cut to do the job. he must be dedicated to the Party to want to do it in the first place.

So. Labour party members - a challenge - convince me that I should rejoin....

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