Friday, March 07, 2008

Catching-up time....

been busy again and have let this blog slip - so, some catching up.

First, Peter Tatchell has been mouthing off again about the age of consent. Sorry, peter, but no. Its fine at 16. of course some young people will have sex below that age but essentially the age does act as some sort of defence from predators - and they do exist, of all sexualities. What has to be remembered is that this is very much a lone voice. There is no campaign to reduce the age to 14. mainstream gay rights campaigners wanted equality, which is what we have, and have no desire to reduce the age further .

Did you hear last week's Moral Maze. There is something quite delicious about listening to that well known liberal (does she still call herself that?) Mel Phillips get angry. In this case, with a witness who was advocating prostitution. I didn't necessarily agree with him but the skill at winding up this quite humourless individual was masterful. Some people always rise to the bait.

Catholic MP's are once again trying to take orders from the Vatican to force the Governments hand. Quite simply, if your religionism is more important to you than supporting the Government, then start your own Vaticanist party. otherwise, belt up and stop trying to scupper urgently needed legislation which will hugely benefit people on the entirely spurious grounds of your make believe god and its disgusting, squalid, corrupt 'church'. There's nothing more immoral than Catholicism and its legions of hypocritical, fearful, brainwashed followers. particularly those skulking in their closets, scared of facing up publicly to their sexuality. there is just no excuse for it - its internalised homophobia through and through. One thing I agree with Peter Tatchell about is outing such hypocrites. They deserve to be shamed for their betrayal. I trust that the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill will resist the threats of the religionists and will ensure that we remain a centre for this vital research, and that children of lesbian parents are recognised as such - as equality law demands.

oh, and that the Pope should die soon of an agonising death - no more than the bastard deserves given the number that his church policies have murdered by its attitude to the use of condoms to prevent HIV.


Patrick Hurley said...

I listened to that Moral Maze, and it was most amusing/satisfying to hear Phillips being so thoroughly wound up. More please, BBC. :-D

Anonymous said...

i wish you'd stop beating about the bush and tell us what you really think. ;-)

love your blog.