Friday, May 11, 2007

so...the semi final....

Bulgaria - This isn't very accessible, but I like the way they got away with playing the percussion live. I thought it was effective and haunting and I'm pleased it made it

Israel - Sorry, I find this offensive in every way. The worst in the semi - dodgy lyric, tuneless and not in the least funny

Cyprus - Tired, derivative disco-pop, and I think her voice was average at best. This years Kate Ryan

Belarus - This was well staged. He missed a few notes but he is an appealing performer. I can't say it does a lot for me but I can see the appeal

Iceland - he can certainly sing, but this sort of stadium rock simply isn't what I like to listen to

Georgia - I was seriously worried about this - such a difficult song to sing, but I thought she was awesome. This is really ambitious stuff and its been in my top 5 since the outset. probably still too non-commercial to win, but in terms of musical quality this has it in spades

Montenegro - One of many rock songs tonight, only one of which made it. He performed this well but song wise its bland and forgettable

Switzerland - What is it about Swiss acts? This was as inept at Piero, It had a real 'amateur dramatics at the village hall' feel to it - the singing was appalling. Why didn't they get a couple of singers who could have sung this well - because it actually needed good singers to work, with all the high notes.

Moldova - Not my sort of music but well performed and competent. The only rock-influenced song to make it

Netherlands - She gave it her all, but there's only so much you can do with a song which really didn't get anywhere. Almost any other song would have been better from the new album - I think she should have gone with one of the ballads.

Albania - Very professional performance but absolutely no discernible melody

Denmark - I thought this probably would qualify but this wasn't schlager's year - and that can only be a good thing. Its all been done before: musically, this was back to gay disco 80's style and whilst catchy enough, essentially very insubstantial.

Croatia - The female singer was very off-key throughout and the song didn't get anywhere - bottom 5 I'd say

Poland - This deserved to qualify. Really well performed and effective, but perhaps the song was just a bit too messy.

Serbia - Wonderful voice, I liked the intriguing staging, and this was really an obvious qualifier

Czech republic - I really can't comment fairly. This sort of music just isn't what I can bear to listen to, full stop

Portugal - This was nice and I thought she sung it very well. Somehow, though, it lacked that extra bit of impact - i didn't vote for it, even though I like it, which speaks volumes

FYROM - I like the instrumentation and she sung it flawlessly. Very deserved qualifier

Norway - I hate this. Its everything wrong with Scandi-Eurovision in three minutes. A clinical, cynical attempt to 'do Latin' - about as Latino as dried elk salami and about as appealing. Trash and I'm delighted it didn't qualify.

Malta - This was just too busy, too messy. Olivia was OK but I just found it a pain on the ears. Now, can we have one of those lovely Disney ballads and a top 10 place next year, please?

Andorra - I think it was the singing wot dun it. It was young and fresh, but the lead singer went badly off key frequently. I can't think of any other obvious reasons for it not getting there

Hungary - Along with Georgia, I had placed this in the 'classy but too good' category. This was splendid - so simple, and I love the voice. Very contemporary, I can imagine this being played on UK radio next to Amy Winehouse.

Estonia - Just very, very dull. She sang it well, though

Belgium - I loved this as its so mush the sort of music I love - but the singing was all over the place . He couldn't seem to decide whether to sing normal key or falsetto. Groovy stuff and I would have liked to see it qualify but i wasn't all that surprised when it didn't

Slovenia - This was surprisingly effective, visually - but i still don't think that the blend of opera and disco works

Turkey - Restrained performance, but I think it was an obvious qualifier. Again, very contemporary, although I thought the staging was at odds with the style of the song

Austria - The verses were good, and he looked fine, but the chorus led us to loud rock category again and I think that ruined it for me. I just don't like rock.

Latvia - I really liked this on the night. The singing was just so good and it came over as so uplifting and anthemic - its now in my top 10!

So, for all the whingers. On the whole the BEST SONGS MADE IT. And its good to see Hungary and Georgia through with songs which are not commercial and which are musically more ambitious.

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