Thursday, April 20, 2006

New York, New York, so good they named it twice....

Just back from NYC, and still jetlagged (why is sleep such an impossibility on planes?)

What a great city New York is. It really is unique and special although on return I feel like I need a holiday to recover such is the sheer pace of activity there.

What did we do this time?
Went to two small-scale shows - Confessions of a Mormon Boy, and Based on a Totally True Story. Both of which were chosen as they will probably never be seen in the UK. And both very enjoyable.

Art-wise, we went to the Whitney where they were showing their Biennial - so lots of new and creative stuff- and the Guggenheim, where there was a David Smith exhibition.

Took a trip out to the wineries in Long Island and made some purchases - its delightful out there, very amall-town America, wooden houses and so on.

Paid a visit to the MCC as well, where Troy Perry was the guest preacher. Interesting to see the unfettered pentecostal preaching style transported to a pro-gay church setting - and they have some very good social programs as well.


Ryan Paulson said...

When did you get back from New York? I am glad that you had a good time here. It really is a great city. I enjoyed the entry title.
It's interesting that you mention seeing a Pentecostal minister outside of a fundamental church. i am a former Pentecostal living in New York. I am so glad to have escaped the fundamentalism of my upbringing.
I have a solo show called Pentecostal Wisconsin and I wondered what you though of the Morman show. Was it good?

Merseymike said...

Hi Ryan. Thanks for the contribution.

I would agree with you about pentecostalism and indeed, all conservative and fundamental religion. Troy Perry was brought up pentecostal but formed the MCC after coming out as gay

The Mormon show was excellent - have you performed your show at all?