Saturday, March 25, 2006

... and the final

Most fans hate this, but I think its wonderful. Pure easy-listening, but done so well - theres nothing at all I dislike about it and I think it will be an excellent opening song, given that it has anthemic qualities and six experienced professional singers.

This is interesting and a bit daring - probably the most contemporary song in the contest. I don't love it but there's a lot worse on offer, and the live version I have heard sounds very professional

This is my sort of music, so I'm biased. First time I heard this, it took me back to the 1980's and the sweet soul of the Stylistics, Blue Magic and the Detroit Spinners. Certainly in my top 5. But the dual language really doesn't work as well with this song.

This is ambitious stuff too. Again, your verdict will depend on whether accapella vocal jazz appeals - I think this is technically perfect, and is very much the sort of music I would listen to outside ESC. This will certainly get a televote from me but how well it will do is anyone's guess. A stunning performance and it could surprise many

The first 5 songs include 4 of my favourites. This is glorious folky-celtic stuff which I love.

After last years lack of success with the Ketchup Grannies, I didn't think Spain would be daft enough to gofor the real thing. Spain used to be one of my favourite countries but in recent years they seem to have declined rapidly - this is better than last years but then what wouldn't be? Not good. And I think definite Jemini potential for a live 'performance'

Fabrizio is a handsome young man and this is a nice enough song, but I think Malta's strength is in the ballads. This should do well enough, though - but I want Chiara to make it third time lucky!

Very professional and well sung, but somehow it lacks something - I think its the song,its just nothing special.

Dire. The Danish final was no great shakes, but this was the worst on offer - its been in my bottom 5 since the beginning and I see no reson to move it!

I'm a ballad man at heart, but this is the best disco song ESC has had to offer for quite some time. Its an uplifting and memorable song, but best of all is the singer's superb voice. A good performance and we could well be off to Bucharest next year

United Kingdom
When I first heard this, I thought - no - white boy rap - but really, this should be viewed as a fun novelty song with a catchy chorus. The MYMU performance certainly won him that contest,and at least this year the UK entrant sounds nothing like anything else

Anna Vissi is a great singer, and this is a strong ballad, though perhaps it lacks that light and shade which the best ballads have in abundance. This is pure power ballad all the way.

Who knows? I'm hoping for something good.

Again another permanent resident of my bottom 5. This makes Ruslana sound pleasant. Just a tuneless noise


HinWales said...

just an observation on the British entry from a 'continental European perspective': Nobody outside Britain will get the gimmick about school uniforms (with the exception of perhaps Ireland)! To anybody else they'll just look slutty - which perhaps is intended.

Merseymike said...

I am sure you are right!

I think joke entries rarely travel well between countries - other than Guildo of course (!) - but this one does have that catchy chorus, and there may well be a market for sluts. We shall see.