Sunday, January 08, 2006

Slightly delayed, but welcome to 2006

Its my first entry for the year.

So...Christmas was pleasant enough, quiet and relaxing in the main, which was very much what I wanted. We wound down and relaxed, mostly, did see a few friends which was good, but generally it was time for us which we appreciated. I left my marking too late and still have some more to do tomorrow (yikes!)

Charles Kennedy and the LD's. What a bunch of bastards they are. The problem is that contemporary politics is all about the convergence of automatons. They will no doubt replace CK with the exceptionally dull and worthy 'Sir' Menzies Campbell (anyone pathetic enough to accept such a title in this day and age - well...) and there will be three centrist leaders saying much the same thing. And under those circumstance, I'll probably stick with the one I know.
For what its worth, at least Simon Hughes doesn't appear to have either been part of the 'coup', nor a fixation on the wonder of the market. So he would be my choice. I certainly wouldn't want to vote for a party led by Campbell. I always remember a Huddersfield councillor , in my LibDem days, referring to him as the leader of the fascist wing of the party - he always had him down as a Tory at heart.

And sad to hear of the death of Tony banks. You simply can't imagine the same sort of affection being shown for the colourless maching politicians who seem to receive preferment these days.

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