Thursday, January 12, 2006

Satanic panic - is this nonsense still going on?

The documentary about the so-called Satanic child abuse cases in Rochdale was finally shown last night.

Makes me wonder what the hell was going on at Lancaster University where I studied in the 1980's. One of the social workers involved has the same name as a fellow student on the course. She was quite level headed then, so I can hardly believe it could be her - although another Lancaster graduate has produced an academic study which shows that she has been entirely conned by a group of fantasists who claim to have been 'satanically abused'.

Frankly, anyone who believes in Satan, devils, etc should not be allowed to work with people. let them stick to something less dangerous, like working in a bank. Then they can practice their paraniod fantasies on money and computers instead. No doubt they will see little devils perching on the top of the screen


Laban said...

If you want to know the sort of stuff a social worker can swallow, take a look at the Broxtowe files, the report into the late 80s scare in Nottinghamshire.

Notts social worker Judith Dawson was to pop up again fifteen years later, on the team which falsely accused Dawn Reed and Christopher Lillie of child abuse in a Newcastle nursery.

Merseymike said...

Troubleis, its loony born-again Christianity which even countenances such nonsense as 'satanic abuse' which is at fault.

Not social work.