Sunday, December 11, 2005

Opus Dei

Anyone listen to the R4 documentary about this bizarre cult, founded by a supporter of General Franco? Who Vaticanplc decided to canonise ( you couldn't make it up, could you?)

It is , I hope, a mark of the good sense of the British that there are only 500 members - and also an encouragement to see the Socialist government in Spain (where they have significant influence upon the Popular (right-wing) Party) ignore them.

However, it is most disturbing that Ruth Kelly, a member of this organisation, appears to find this congruent with her membership of the Labour party, and that she should be considered an appropriate person for the Cabinet. Would we think a member of the Moonies was a fit person to serve in cabinet? This group are far more sinister - it is clearly a secretive cult. It should be treated in that way, and its members should be regarded with the utmost caution..

Kelly should be deselected immediately as a Labour MP ; it is vital that the electors of Bolton West, if they are saddled with this neo-fascist sympathiser as their candidate next time around, vote for the candidate best placed to defeat her.

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Steve said...

Hi Mike

I didn;t see the documentary, but I had them down simply as a fairly right wing Catholic group - what's the sinister part?

Cheers - Steve