Thursday, December 08, 2005

Civil Partnerships

So, civil partnerships are here at last. When I think of the progress which has been made over the past few years, it really is excellent and not what i would have predicted, if I am honest. I am quite sure that colloquially, the relationships will be referred to as marriage ( which of course, they are), and that in time this is how they will be defined. Still, the important things are the benefits, the rights and responsibilities which they bring, and it is good to know that at least we are to be seen as holding an official status. That is very important.

Its also fun to watch the religious right fulminate and squirm. Their religion is a relic and a laager for the terminally fearful and prejudiced, and their impact, thankfully, is marginal in the UK. It is up to the rest of the Church to ditch them and to step out with a religious message worth believing in, shorn of many of the outdated superstitions that Bible -worship and adherence to supernaturalist improbability brings.

If they don;t , then we will become an entirely secular society, which would be preferable to the church as it exists now expanding.

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