Sunday, May 08, 2005

Election postmortem

On the whole, I'm happy with the result.

Labour held on here as well - and despite my disagreements with the MP: she works hard locally and the cable channel presenter the Tories put up wasn't credible.

I would think that Gordon's accession will be unopposed and should happen sooner not later.

But the Tories, looking beneath the surface, really are in trouble. The rise in the LD vote was largely disaffected Labour voters. Get rid of Blair, replace him with Gordon, and without the Iraq war factor, many of those voters will return. They certainly weren' t considering a move to the Tories who seem unable to get above 33% of the vote.

If I were a Tory, I'd be seriously looking at how the party MUST change and accept the reality of the 21st century. A bit like the Church, really....

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