Sunday, May 29, 2005

About time I updated...

Though not a huge amount to say.

Have now submitted the bound PhD, which looks quite impressive if I say so myself.

May as well get religion and politics out of the way. Still haven't returned to church, and so far haven't missed it all that much - the latest is that the CofE have agreed that vicars can have civil partnerships as long as they promise not to have any naughty naked sex. Were it not that wanking is quite a healthy pursuit, the noun could have been invented especially for them. Cretins. Are they going to suggest CCTV in each clerical bedroom? And then they wonder why the church is despised. The local Diocese had its consultation meetings relating to the topic, following on from the study group I was part of, and I didn't find it very helpful. The fact is that there is not going to be agreement. So either we agree to differ, or we split.The latter is inevitable and I just wish it would happen quickly.

Politics. I have an application form to join the Labour party again. Should I do so? I really don't know. Part of me thinks, now the election has happened, its time to go back and work for change from within. But its hard to be entirely enthusiastic. The Tories, naturally, have thrown themselves into internal turmoil and argument following their election defeat. The husband of our local MP has been fined for criminal damage, flyposting over Tory posters during the election. There is plenty of mock-outrage in the local paper but I think its all a bit mannered and false.

Oh, and that bloody FROG thing is driving me mad.

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