Sunday, March 06, 2005

Should have remembered to say...

Be careful if you are in Athens, you may end up in a brothel.

To explain further...

I was buying a bottle of wine and emerged to find my partner in conversation with someone. We were on our way to the cathedral. We walked along chatting to this guy about the UK mainly, and then realised the cathedral was shut, He told us he worked in a bar locally and that he would give us his card; anyway, we ended up going into the bar ( very small and tatty) and he poured us two drinks, and then disappeared - then suddenly we were introduced to two 'ladies' from Albania, I'd say, and asked if we would like to buy them a drink. We ensured we beat a hasty retreat.

Quite apart from the fact that we wouldn't have been their ideal partners for a spot of nookie, I have a feeling we may have been stung for a huge bar bill and I can imagine heterosexual men being drawn in quite easily.

Our Eurovision selection yesterday evening. The song selected, by Javine, isn't to my taste, but at least Jordan aka Katie Price didn't win. Not a patch on some of the good songs selected so far though

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