Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Athens, the Wringing Wet Williams, and more...

So, spent a very pleasant few days in Athens. Its a crazy and chaotic city, but has a lot of character.
Highlights. The Acropolis and the view , certainly. The two very authentic tavernas, off the tourist trail, we had lunch in. The two posh restaurants which were a delight!

Definitely a good place to visit. And managed to get 19 bottles of wine and one of ouzo back home....

Looks as if the Church has given itself three years to split ; at least, it better had, or I shall be leaving. ECUSA and Canada need to be standing firm and those of us who agree with them can coalesce around their approach - let the fundies get on with it. It may appeal to pre-modern societies which need their own enlightenment, but thankfully, not here.

No doubt Africa will begin its annual whinge about trade and poverty soon - nothing to do, of course, with their own corruption or inefficiency!

As for Rowan Williams - at one time I respected him, but I have reached the conclusion that he is a spineless , weak man, with no principles other than self-preservation and the maintainance of an organisation that deserves to be put out of its misery - only that way can something better emerge. Its quite difficult not to end up despising the Church and all it stands for. Frankly,its where I am now - but I shall stay around whilst change is still required.

My PhD viva set for April 22nd....


sthelensgirl said...

Glad you enjoyed Athens, Mike. But Ouzo? YUK!!

I must admit, I never was convinced by Williams, but that's an opinion rooted in my natural cynicism over the ties between church and state. Don't lose heart tho.

It's count down to the 22nd April now, huh?

Michael said...

Hmmm. I may have to invite myself round to partake of one or more of those bottles of wine, (assuminmg, of course, that there are any left). :-)

I agree with you on the way things are going in the CE at the moment. It's all the nonsense combined that is making me reconsider where I ought to be and not just one particular issue, but I can very much relate to the feelings of being let down and loss of faith in this organisation.

But schism begets schism, as is oft said.