Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Time for some more thoughts....

The weekend was a good one. A win against redshite is always worth celebrating for the BLUES, and it was a good game. The atmosphere was excellent. Standing second in the premiership wasn't exactly what any Everton supporter expected at this stage in the season, and the number of times I have seen our position 'explained away', I have lost count of.
But as long as we carry on playing well and winning games - the points speak for themselves.

Met up with the Eurovision gang afterwards. Never quite as much to talk about other than old contests at this time of the year - but the heats for the national entries will be starting soon so no doubt there will be plenty to keep us occupied then

Today, the Living Will legislation came to the Commons. My MP was one of the primary opposers of the legislation - giving me yet another reason NOT to vote for her at the next election. She uses the personalised situation of her mother, backed up by the fact that she is a convert to the Italian Mission, to oppose people's right to choose to die with dignity. Simply because she claims that her mother changed her mind is no reason to enforce unnecessary agony and suffering to those who have clearly indicated that they do not want it - but when did the Catholic Church ever care in the least about the rights of individuals? What a sick, sorry, corrupt organisation it is - frankly, most of the institutional Church has the same effect on me these days. Worth staying in to try and work towards equality, I have always said but I am seriously questioning my own place within it . It appears to me that it has precisely nothing to say to the vast majority of people, and what it does say appears to be mostly stuff I don't agree with. The view of God is still largely the benevolent, intervening 'daddy in the sky', which is based largely in pre-modern superstition.
The Church is essentially a force for reaction, and the areas it is progressive in, such as the Third World, are the very areas where I lean to a more conservative viewpoint.

Anyway, the legislation has gone through, but what the amendments or interpretataions mean are yet to be revealed. I feel sure thatin time the views of younger people - in my view, overwhelmingly pro-voluntary euthanasia, will have to make an impact upon parliamentarians. In the meantime, I shall certainly ensure that anyone who treats me doesn't have any affiliation to the so-called 'pro-life' movement.

The final chapter is moving along very nicely....

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