Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Ruth Kelly ; 'equality'minister - who's having a laugh?

I have commented before on Ruth kelly, the Tory/Opus Dei inflitrator into the Labour party, who, thankfully, with the smallest of swings will be out of parliament next time, free to continue to breed profligately as her religion suggests. I hope she has time to fit in the flagellation.

What she is not suited for is the role of equalities minister.


She has voted against or abstained in every single gay rights vote in parliament. This is logical because it follows her exreme Catholic conservatism. However, it means she is not suited to this role.

She is also a liar, as she claimed that some of the issues she voted against were conscience votes - which they were not.

In any case, she will simply make it appear that the Government is not committed to equality - on the whole, they are. She ended up in this job because of the disastrous hash she made of her education brief.

Basically, she shouldn't be a Labour MP anyway. What the hell is a right wing supporter of a neo-Nazi secret society within a right wing religion doing as a Labour cabinet minister? Kelly must go and if she doesn't, then yet more Labour votes will be lost.

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