Tuesday, April 13, 2010

And talking of globalisation.....

Its having a negative effect on my erstwhile favourite city, Paris. Many of the bistros which we used to love have gone, replaced by overpriced trendy bars serving identikit food, and Japanese restaurants, for some bizarre reason. Sorry, but raw fish and rice will never be more than raw fish and rice. Its OK once or twice a year. One of our very favourites has turned into a tourist trap. Astier, near Parmentier metro, used to be fantastic, but now style has replaced substance and its full of tourists . The food? The foie gras was straight out of the fridge - too cold - and the main course was a dry piece of guinea fowl perched on top of a very bitter pile of red cabbage, with two blobs of nondescript sauce and a pice of what I think was cremated belly of pork. David's scallops were not fresh as subsequent events proved, and they were served with bordelaise sauce - with scallops? - and what turned out to be undercooked diced parsnips which the French feed only to pigs and cattle.

Don't go, under any circumstance

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