Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Latest news from 'former' Hitler Youth supporter

I gather that we are getting as visit, should a heart attack not intervene in the meantime, from a former Hitler Youth member and homophobe, whose organisation shields and protects child abusers whilst wishing to discriminate against gay people

Why should public money be found to support this visit - his rich and corrupt organisation can certainly afford to pay for it themselves

I shall look forward to the demonstrations!

In the meantime, no doubt the many closets in the RC church are getting worried - given the strong possibility of an outing campaign. I think that it would be justified if they are not prepared to openly speak out against the stance of the church even if it means they are chucked out. Anything other is bowing to homophobia. Staying silent is equivalent to supporting Ratfinger

Even better would be the realisation that the church is no place for gay people happy with their sexuality. Its a bit like an Asian joining the BNP

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This is how I remember you. I hope you're well.