Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Homophobia and its effects

I haven't as yet said anything about the homophobic attack against a PC in Liverpool, because there is nothing much to say which others haven't already said much more lucidly than I could.

What has been somewhat disappointing is the in-fighting which has erupted within the gay organisations in the city. I am on the steering group of one of these although I feel rather a 'fringe' member.

I wonder why groups always feel they have to compete against each other? Its notable that just to confuse matters even more we now have a Manchester group trying to be representative of the whole north-West even though there is really no evidence of any consultation in areas such as Sefton.

Why can't groups focus on what they do well? There is a need to do the in-depth policy influence stuff. For some, high-profile public events are important. Why not allow different groups to get on with their work without the need to try and obliterate the other?

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