Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Back from Provence

And a very pleasant time was enjoyed too....

But politics hasn't improved. Cameron is still smarming around, vacuous enough to make Blair appear profound. The government stagger from one disaster to the next - its really hard to feel sympathy for someone who pilots silly legislation through Parliament and then falls foul of it. There are plenty of illegal workers, mostly on low wages in service industries. Clearly there was no long queue of British workers wanting to be Lady Scotland's cleaner, but why should it be the employers responsibility to prove someone's legality. Quite how are they meant to do it?

As for the Lib Dems. Its good to see Charles Kennedy and Evan Harris fighting back against the Clegg-Cable Tory-lite position. There are many people in the LibDems who have more in common with Labour progressives than the neo-liberals in their own party and in both of the main parties.

I have noted very little being said about taxation - but surely if spending is being considered, so should taxation?

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