Monday, October 13, 2008

The Killing of Thomas Hurndall

Currently watching this very powerful C4 drama. A no doubt ironical comment about Israel being a 'democracy'. Wrong. It is nothing of the sort. It is a confessional state established out of a sense of misplaced guilt, and should never have been created. The supposed need for a Jewish state is no excuse for the initial confiscation of others' land, let alone their behaviour ever since, which if not for the USA's support would have seen the country fall many years ago. I still think it is unlikely that Israel will survive, long-term, and neither should it. This drama sums up exactly why. It has become a millitaristic bandit country which deserves the epithet 'fascist' every bit as much as the nation which helped to bring it into existence. I cannot see a two state solution happening now, more's the pity, but the time for such compromise seems to have passed. Israel's continued existence in its current position is a threat to world peace, and some other long-term solution will need to be found.

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