Friday, April 18, 2008

In the news.,...

Sad to hear about the death of Gwyneth Dunwoody. I didn't agree with all she said, but she was one of the few politicians left who had a genuinely profound specialist knowledge - she would have made a fantastic Transport Secretary. Again, its easy to forget that she was always firmly on the Right of the party - yet New Labour has drifted so much over to the Right that she appeared to be a bit of a lefty.....sadly, we won't be seeing her like again, given that so few mavericks are likely to make their way through the selection procedures.

Mugabe has climbed on his British Paranoia platform again. A pity for all that Zimbabwe isn't sitting on some bubbling oil wells. However, it does underline the reality - that there is little that the UK can do in this situation when it is regarded as the old colonial oppressor. Anything that is said simply provides ammunition for Mugabe to rabble rouse.
The person most responsible for his survival is Thabo Mbeki. What a disaster he has proved to be. Could Zuma be worse?

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